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I went to the Renegade Craft fair Holiday Market last Saturday, just as I said I would.  It was loads of fun and way too crowded and I spent a tad too much money.

I'm not going to show you what I bought because I'm pretty sure the only few people who still read this blog are the same few people I bought the gifts for (hi mom & dad!), but I will show you the many many things I almost bought . . .

I could not stop laughing about these prints from Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters:
They are so funny and too true. I couldn't decide if I should get the neighborhoods I've lived in or get the ones I thought were the funniest . . .so instead I didn't get anything at all.

I'm a little tired of crafty stuffed creatures but these hamburgers from Steff Bomb are just too good:

I was two seconds away from getting this adorable print from Yellow Brick Home's The Pet Shop:

These cards and prints from Nourishing Notes are so sweet:

This one came in a tea towel I almost bought . . . I love donuts

I loved these earrings from Mikinora:

Kate Funk and her cat AC are amazing-ly heeee-larious:
"AC is the Loch Ness Monster"
She takes photos of her cat dressed up in the most ridiculous costumes and this years she's made a calendar for 2013 of AC dressed as different monsters.
The Abominable Snowman is the Best!! I'm still a little upset at myself for not buying at least a card of this print.
There were a lot of great booths this time around and if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco there's still time to go, so GO!!

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