holiday cheer!

I'm so excited for the holidays.
The tree is trimmed,
Our house is decked,
The stockings are sewn,
(I took another class at The Needle Shop and made The Man a Christmas Stocking I bought the material to make one for myself as well...
but I didn't get very far)
the cookies are made,
and in a few short hours we'll be eating delicious quiche for Christmas Brunch with my fam in Portland, Oregon.

On Thursday night I got one early and unexpected present.  One of the gals I work with got sick and could no longer use her ticket too . . .
Book Of Mormon!!!!!!!

I haven't been to a play in so long I honestly can't remember when it was.  It was so incredible and hilarious and amazing and so so so so so so so good! great! fantastically fabulous! Now I want so badly to get more tickets so I can take The Man (who not-so-secretly loves musicals) to go see it too.

So Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and spend some over-due time with your families and people who love you.

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