wishful wednesday {office supplies}

Soooo, is it weird that I have a "dream cubicle" ?

There's only so much "sprucing-up" you can do in a beige box.  I have my coloful little picture corner, but everything else only exists in the rainbow of black and brown from the alternate universe that is the office supply warehouse. So here are some fun desk accessories I've come across that would be wonderful and welcome additions to my whimsy-less work existence. . .

Tape Dispensers are always black or gray and come from swingline, but these cuties would be a fun replacment:
 17.99 at ruche.
24.00 at anthropologie

Sticky notes are my favorite part of our office decor, they come in so many colors and since I order the supplies I can pick any color I want (was that a sad thing to brag about?) but these "Leaf-it" notes from Appree are even better:
Aren't they beautiful? So far they come in Original (the slender green leaf at the top), Ginkgo, Maple, Oak, Ivy, and Cherry Blossom.  I just want to cover my walls with them and, from the looks of it, so does everyone else:

Need to keep it together?
I've been pretty bummed that these Poopy Tasks Binder Clips aren't available any more, they have other sets over at knock knock, but none of them are as funny as these.
 4.00 at Omoi Zakka Shop
If you're too classy for poop clips than maybe these Mondial Lus Italian push Pins are more your style. So pretty, and who doesn't love something from Italy?!

My all time favorite office supply are these animal D-clips from Japan, I got some last year for everybody at work as a party favor at our holiday dinner, but I want the whole set:
6.99 each at Tokyo Pen Shop
They are so cute and awesome, and so much better than regular paper clips. Why keep your papers together with some boring loop when you can do it with a Hippo!!!!!

Have you seen enough?     No?

Great! There's more! . . .
Awesome wood "USB Sticks" - get it?! sticks!!
 29-39 euros at oooms

Beautiful labels and number clips from the Brass Collection (for you classy people who didn't get that awesome stick joke)
 20.00 at baum-kuchen
 18.00 at baum-kutchen

and an Adorable Wood Whale to hold your random necessities

There are so many awesome, hilarious and beautiful desk accessories out there so why do we all use the same dull black generic junk?

So how about you? Do you dream of piggy paper clips and a hot pink stapler? Have you never ever thought this much about a post-it note? Or are you now under the impression that I'm a crazy person?

Tell me, I want to know!!!

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