back in action and a happy belated independents day

Hello! I finally have internet again!
It's been pretty silent here on ol' Ms. Lazybones, and for good reason, We Moved!! And we were so caught up in moving that we forgot to sign up for internet. So other than checking facebook on my telephone, or the occasional sneak peak at work, I've been internet-less for a while, and although it was boring at times, it was also kinda really totally great. Without internet or cable you get a lot done, and have longer conversations, and ( . . . hold on to your pants . . .) go outside!!! I played baseball with a soccer ball and didn't even pretend to be too cool for it!
I completely embraced it's ridiculousness:
The Fourth of July was sweltering, and sticky, and all around gross.  When we found our apartment it was so nice outside that it didn't seem like a big deal to be without central-air. Then we moved in and Chicago turned into an oven. So on the fourth we decided to bite the bullet and buy an 11,000 btu portable air-conditioner, a.k.a. the best 469.00 dollars I've ever spent.  And to top it all off we got to have a little "Yay America" party without everyone dying of heat exhaustion!!

We didn't go as crazy as last year but I still got in the spirit with some flags and fireworks:
Definitely not as good as last years eagles, but considering how I couldn't (and still can't) figure out what box anything is in and it was so hot the polish kept getting gloppy, it ain't half bad.

We also found out how large our neighbors' fireworks budgets are: 
There is a park directly across the street from our apartment, and people went crazy with fireworks. We're talkin' professional grade, high in the sky, car alarms going off fireworks.  It was awesome and amazing aaaaand way too close.  We first contemplated leaving when I kept getting hit in the arm with tiny flaming rocks but what really sealed the deal was when a few of the fireworks went sideways into the crowds of people. Yeah, drunk parents lighting illegal boxes full of gun powder on fire is exciting and scary.

All in all it was a fantastic America Day! And now that I have internet again I can tell you all the things I've been wanting to share with you for weeks!!!
I hope you had fun last week!!!

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  1. Glad to have you back on the Blog. Yup alcohol, gunpowder and fire... good times.


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