wishful wednesdays {photo wall - part two}

One thing this Lazy Lady does best is fantasize about the future.  I'm not very good at living "in the now," I'm always thinking about the next recipe we should make, or couch we should buy, or city we'll live in, or job I could have, and where we'll be in 1, 3, 5, or 15 years.  It's not really the healthy way to live, buuuut sometimes I come up with some really great futures. . . 

Finally right?! We're back from a wonderful vacation and I'm ready to finish my train of thought on family photo walls.  In my last Wishful Wednesday post I mentioned many different ways people arrange their family photo walls, from keeping everything uniform to varying size, color, placement.  But my favorite to way to style a wall of photos is to make it eclectic.  I found so many examples that I love that I had to make a part two.  I absolutely love when people combine different sizes of pictures, width, shape and finish of frame, color, black and white, photography, art and objects to make a jumble of memories all over one carefully organized wall.

sfgirlbybay eclectic home office

I just love all the art work in this photo, all the bright colors blend so well together. 

This is such a sweet collection of photos of their kids and artwork by their kids.  The bright colors of the frames and mats go great with the colors in the children's paintings.  I love that they aren't afraid to use vibrant colors on their walls either.  I grew up in a crayola box and have always favored vibrant walls to white ones.

This grouping is a little sparse compared to the others, but it really works.  The frames range from simple to gaudy, and inside of them you have all different types of images.  Photos, prints, mirrors, and in the top right an object hung within the empty space of the frame.
(the ceiling decoration is pretty great too!)

This image is from Old Brand New, a great blog by a guy named Dabito who lives in Los Angeles.  He rearranges everything in his apartment quite often (compared to most of us who do it never), and this is a shot from his set up back in April.  He has a wonderful collection of art and photos and I love the way they are arranged on the wall.  Even though this photo is in black and white you can see variations in the framed pieces, there's even a piece left without a frame up at the top left.

family photo wall eclectic staircase

The frames themselves are points of interest on this wall.  They mostly all have the same patina but the varying shapes and embellishments make this wall quirky and eye catching.  The ampersand is a fun addition too.

And finally my favorite.  I love the combination of frames, images and the addition of tchotchkes.  There is even a figure hanging from the ceiling to add to the composition, and the little vignettes on the beautiful dresser completes the look.  I really love this set-up, it might look a little hap-hazard to some, but I think it works so well. 

How about you? Do you like a little more uniformity on your wall or do you prefer the eclectic look like I do?  Or do you like your walls sans-photos?  Some people think it's too personal, which I don't quite understand considering its your house, and not a show-room.  
But what do you prefer?

Tell me I want to know!

p.s. Tomorrow I'll show you our little collection of pictures, and this time I actually mean tomorrow!

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  1. I like the brightly colored wall and kids stuff best. I love your crayola box house, but I haven't committed fully to the concept at my house. But Jack's room is blue, lavender and lime with orange accents. Maybe I am on my way.


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