our family photo wall

Just as promised here is the Family photo wall at our house.  It's a little sparse but I like it.

My favorite part is what I call our "Memory Shelf."  We had some friends visiting last year, and when mentioning the shelf in our bedroom covered in photos and such, the words "memory shelf" just slipped out.  They've been making fun of me ever since, so I decided to own it, and have the man make me a real one.

It's made from a piece of Elm he bought at Horigan Urban Forest Products, a wood mill in Skokie, IL, that deals in naturally harvested lumber.  The wood was beautiful and this hunk was left over from a project he was working on.  Every time I went with him to the shop I would sand the live edge that didn't still have bark on it.  I loved it so much that he made me this shelf to put our photos and little tchotkes on.

On the other side of the french doors leading to the "office" we hung a lithograph I printed in college and a poem my dad wrote me for my birthday last year.

Looking at this photo makes me realize I need a better camera!!
(I also need to clean the "office")

The opposite wall is big and blank, I think it will be next for an art overhaul.

Oh! Oh! Also! Here is the family photo wall at my parents house that I mentioned in my first post.  My mom made a few changes over the years, but every morning when I walked out of my bedroom this is the first thing I saw, and I Loved It!!!

So many fun memories!!!
And look how cute my parents were when they got married!


  1. Love your wall - very cool "memory shelf" now your Mom wants a memory shelf - sheesh

  2. Dude,
    I'm diggin the memory shelf!!


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