pdx here we come

It's just 2 days until we'll be sittin' and relaxin' in Portland, Oregon.  I cannot wait!! I haven't been home since December, and I'm craving some Portland sun (i.e. not this muggy awfulness we have here in Chicago right now.)  

I'm also craving some Escape from New York Pizza!! Deep Dish is not my cup of tea, I love big greasy thin crust New York style pizza and Escape is my absolute favorite.  Other than taking Andrew for pizza I don't really know what the must sees of Portland are anymore.

Portland is such a cool people place now.  I remember when I was in college every year more and more people would tell me their desire to move out there, and as the years went by more and more of them would actually follow through.  And every time someone would move or visit the city of roses they'd ask me where to go and what to do! Where the best restaurants and bars were, what cool places they just had to see, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea.  I grew up in Portland my whole life but moved here to Chicago when I was 18.  I've never been an adult living in Portland.  I have some friends who have always been great resources for the hip and unknown, even though they left at the same time I did, but they weren't hermits like I was.  I was a pretty low-key kid.  Friday and Saturday nights were spent with my parents watching movies and eating pizza.  Of course there's Powell's City of Books "The largest used and new book store in the world"!!!!! That alone could take a day if you're even a bit of a book lover.  The food carts are another awesome must, but all the neighborhoods have changed so much since I lived there.

Last time we were in town Andrew was more interested in seeing everything outside of Portland.

We drove down to Canon Beach and saw Haystack Rock

We drove along the coast and headed down to my favorite factory

The Tillamook Cheese Factory!!!

Where you can see how they make and package all the wonderful and delicious cheese!

We also drove through the Columbia River Gorge and made a stop at Crown Point (and, like always, the Vista House was closed - bummer)

We also stopped at all the little waterfalls on the way to . . .

Multnomah Falls! At 611 feet tall it's the tallest waterfall in Oregon, and (although debated) the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States. It was beautiful and super fun to hike around all the falls along the Gorge even in December.  

Since we did all that Oregon stuff last time I think it's time for Andrew to see the city, that's my plan at least.  Andrew's already decided we're driving out to Mt. Hood on Thursday, and we're going to Lincoln City (a beach town) for a day or two for my mom's Birthday. So, we'll see how my city plans pan-out.  Either way I don't really care because we'll be in PORTLAND!!!!!!!

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