the chairs! {cushions and choices}

Last week I got a start on the cushions for the chairs.  I took the fabric off hoping that anything underneath was salvageable. What I found was that this isn't the second life for these chairs . . .

It's the Third!!

Ha! That floral fabric is so familiar, I'm pretty sure we had some cushions made out of it in the early 90's!

I cut off that fabric too and found old (pretty much useless) foam, and really thick particle board that was falling apart.  So into the trash it all went.

The Man and I cut out a new chair base, and decided to call it a day.

So, next up I have to make the final decisions.  Fabric and Paint Color!  I am a terrible decision maker, and its made even worse with the unlimited possibilities available for both.  At first The Man and I were thinking that I should keep it simple.  Limit myself to Black and White so that my brain doesn't implode.  But I keep going back to color, color, color.  One factor that goes into this decision is my "customer."  Am I making these chairs for myself, or for some imaginary buyer.  I would love to sell these chairs once I'm done.  I want to finish them and get them out of the house so I can make room for my next project.  But, who do I design them for? How do I sell them? Do I make them more subdued so anyone will like them?  Or do I just go all out and buyer be damned?  See what I'm talking about . . . kaBooom! (That's the sound of my head exploding).

Either way I go with the fabric (color or no) I think I'm going to keep the paint color of the chairs white.  If I give myself choices of paint color ontop of the fabric choice I don't think these chairs will ever get done.  So I thought I would show you some of the fabric options I'm thinking about, and you can let me know what you think.

If I'm staying with Black and White I was thinking about these:

Media from Premier Prints

Kimono from Premier Prints

Zebra from Trina Turk
Knit from Studio Bon
If I decided to add a little color to the chairs these are some that I was thinking of:

I really love these new fabrics custom designed by Jessica Jones for The Needle Shop:
Picket - Dawn

Sticks - Dusk

Skiff - Dawn

Fawn - Dawn

I also really like all these fabrics off of Schumacher.  The only problem is that I don't have an account with them, and I can't tell what weight some of the fabrics are.

Ric Rack in Pool by Studio Bon

Sally in Midnight by Studio Bon

Beauty Bark in Ocean by Trina Turk

Grass in Olive by Studio Bon

Modern Moire in Citrine by Kelly Wearstler
(It might not look like it from all these examples but I am open to a solid color)

Arches in Orange by Trina Turk

Doppler in Sorbet

Then there is a thrid option. . . Print my own fabric.  On one hand I shouldn't do this, it's taken me so long to get these chairs done and I shouldn't make it more complicated.  But on the other hand, it's taken me so long to get these chairs done so, why not?

Well, what do you think? Do you like any of these prints or do you have something else in mind? Do you know of any good online upholstery fabric shops?

Please!! Help a girl out!


  1. Hey Al,

    If you want check out some cool designs, or actually submit designs of your own - check out this website.

  2. Ok I REALLY love the "arches" with the white frames- I also like "picket dawn." I still think if you did the black and white fabs - you would need to change the frame color - to make the fabric pop (IMO) but of those it would be "media" first then "kimono." We can't wait to see 'em finished!


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