stufest 2014!

Happy Birthday Daddio!
and a Happy Stufest to all!

By now most of you should know what I'm referring to (just in case you don't you can look here, and here).  These are the days to celebrate the Stupendous Stu Flint! Grab a frosty beverage, find a sunny spot, lay back and do absolutely nothin'!  Doesn't that sound like a fantastic way to spend the day?
Most anyone who knows my dad, knows what a wonderful man he is.  No one could ever compare to the sweet, loving, hilarious and amazing talented man who raised me (sorry Morning Man).
I'll never be as good a lyricist as my dear ol' dad,
but here's a little ditty for the man who made me me:

A wiz in the kitchen
His baked goods are bitchin'
He has comforted me
Ever since I was wee
His stories are the best
To have him I am blessed
He's my dad, that's what I said
We're connected in the head

I love you so so much, and though nothing can beat last years surprise, I hope you know how much you mean to me.

1 comment:

  1. No Pappa could be prouder - I love you too Punkin! duh.....
    Let's hope we always remain connected... in da head"


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