we're baaack {our mexico trip}

It's been one week since The Man and I got back from Mexico and I'm (finally) ready to tell you all about it! 
Get ready for a photo heavy post!

We went to Mexico because my life long family friend Nicole and her now hubby Mike decided to have a destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen.  It was such a wonderful trip and I am so thankful to Nicole and Mike for giving me a reason to go on a week-long vacation.
Our first day there we went straight from the check-in desk to a pontoon! The Bride and Groom were really awesome and organized a few excursions for anyone who wanted to join.  It made it so much easier to see things outside of the resort.

So, with barely any sleep and almost no food in our stomachs we went out into the Caribbean Sea to go snorkeling.  Besides the sea-sickness it was fantastic!!!  I've never been snorkeling before, and at first it was a little uncomfortable but once I got used to it I didn't want to get out.
We saw so many schools of fish and a giant stingray and a big adorable turtle!!
The next day we all went to Tulum and Coba.
Tulum was beautiful...and scorching hot.  Most of our party wore swimsuits under their clothes and jumped in the ocean as soon as we got there.  My parents and I weren't that prepared and decided to find a shady spot to sit and enjoy our surroundings.
My favorite part of that day was when we were all let off the bus to go find something for lunch. The Man, my parents, and I all decided to break away from the crowd and wander down the road a bit.  We stopped at La Bisteca where my parents ordered steak tacos and The Man and I had choripan (an Argentinian sausage sandwich). It. Was. Delicious.  So amazingly delicious!!
The resort we stayed at was "all-inclusive" so the all-you-can-eat buffets and restaurants weren't really trying that hard, if you know what I mean.  All we wanted all week long was authentic Mexican food and we got it at La Bisteca.
After lunch was Coba.  The great thing about Coba is they're not as determined to preserve the ruins so you can climb all over them! Unlike Tulum, Coba is surrounded by jungle so it was really nice and cool while we were walking around.  However, Coba is large, and very spread out, and, like most places in Mexico, there are no maps. So when The Man and I got back to the bus we soon found out what we had missed.

Apparently the reason to go to Coba is the giant ruin that towers over the trees, which you can climb all the way to the top of.  Most people in our group took bicycle taxis around the ruins so they could see all of it, but The Man and I lost the group and my parents (holding all the money) within the first 5 minutes of entering the park.  It was kind of a bummer once we saw how beautiful everyone's pictures were, but maybe now we have a reason to go back one day :)!
The fam and I aren't really resort people so we tried to get out a little bit everyday.  Friday there was nothing pre-planned so we took a taxi into town.  It was pretty and fun to see more of Mexico, but we got tired of being attacked by all the store owners trying to sell us tchotchkes and decided we'd have more fun in the pool.
For the most part we all hung out and ate together, but that night The Man and I decided to have a little date night.  We went to the Japanese restaurant at the resort and sat at the grill, like you would at a Benihana.  I’ve never been to a place like that so it was really fun.
Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful.
Surprise, surprise, I was a blubbering mess.  Nicole was beyond gorgeous in her wedding dress and the hotel did a beautiful job with the flowers.  The ceremony was on the beach and the reception was held in the Italian restaurant (which was the best restaurant at the resort).  The food was delicious and everyone had a blast dancing the night away.
The last day was my Mom's birthday.  She got a sneak attack saxophone serenade for breakfast, complete with a napkin hat.
And in the afternoon we decided to go to Cozumel for lunch... that's when I realized I don't like big boats! I got super sea-sick, like shaky, sweaty, up-chucky, about to pass-out sea-sick!
Apart from the dock workers recognizing me as that sick crying girl on the way back, Cozumel was beautiful and I wish we could have stayed longer.  We went to our friend's hotel restaurant for lunch and I'm glad we did!  It was the second delicious Mexican meal we had in Mexico, with juicy steak, seafood, and enchiladas!  The ferry back to Playa Del Carmen was at 5, so we headed to the resort for one last dinner together.
Mom got her birthday full moon and in the morning we said our goodbyes.

It really was a wonderful trip, I'm so happy we went!

p.s....I caught the Bouquet!!

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  1. Wonderful post - We DID have a great time and I'm so glad we could all be there to share Nic and Mike's special day.


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