the hutch {sketches}

I have a pyrex obsession.
Or more like a fancy-dishware-that-I-don't-allow-anyone-to-use obsession.

I've been collecting pieces here and there ever since high school, and although I try to be selective, it's hard not to scoop up a piece when it's at a great price.  So here I am in our wonderful, but lacking in storage, apartment, with a bunch a beautiful dishes and nowhere to display them.  This is where having a furniture making Morning Man comes in real handy.

A few weeks ago The Man and I started discussing what we would want our hutch to look like.  Almost all of the furniture in our apartment is The Man made and it's very modern (and gorgeous!).  I wanted the hutch to fit with our other furniture but I also wanted that classic hutch look with lot's of molding. So we did some sketches, and then he took off with it.
(the final drawing is always the messiest)

It's not complete yet, but I'm getting so excited for the final result.  We decided to paint it black (glossy black by my request) and used knotty pine for accents, so that it would go with the uber-modern totally amazing dining room table he made.

I can't wait to show it to you when it's all complete and stuffed with dishware! Hopefully it will be soon!

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