smoke house 21

The other weekend when I went to Portland to surprise my dad, we ate lunch at a place called Smoke House 21.

We were walking around NW 21st, just killing time, when we were stopped dead in our tracks by the most amazing smell of smokey meat.  We had reservations at Nuestra Cocina for dinner with some friends in just 3 hours but we had to stop in and find out what that delicious smokey smell was.
All the tables were wood burned and stain painted with different images, like the parts of a pig or chicken. 
We sat down at the PBR can and cows getting abducted by UFOs tables and ordered some beers, all of which came in these fun koozies (I, of course, had to buy one - thanks to Briana for the 2 bucks!).
Then we ordered our food.  Just enough to tide us over until dinner...or at least that was the plan...
It was so amazingly delicious. Everything was out-of-this-world good, and every time the waiter came over to ask how it was, we just made yummy noises so we wouldn't have to stop stuffing our faces. Once the meal was over my dad asked the our waiter if they had won any awards and when she replied with a simple "no," he decided that he'd have to make them one. I am so excited to go back there the next time I visit home. 

After this incredible culinary experience I went home to The Man and told him that we had to get a smoker...
Thankfully, he agreed.

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