mani mondays {easter!}

Happy Bunny Day!!
We used Easter as an excuse to have some friends over on Saturday night, I tried to dress up the house a bit, but I don't have much in the Easter decorations department. 
We got some flowers at the Trader Joe's and I cut them down to put in this herb pot trio (do you remember it from my indoor greenery post? I went out and bought it!).  I tried growing herbs in there but I'm terrible at keeping plants alive, the basil I bought died within a week.  But I love the look of bunches of short stemmed flowers, they're cuter that way:
We didn't paint eggs this year. I've forced egg dyeing on my friends almost every year since I came to Chicago, but this year it just seemed like too much work.  I'm also always left with about 2 dozen hard boiled eggs to eat by myself, which gets a bit gross a few days in.

Since there wasn't any egg dyeing, I broke out all my pastel polish colors and went crazy painting my Easter nails.
We kept it mellow on the day of and went to see a movie at our favorite theater.  The Man picked G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and it was Awful!!!! But seeing a movie and going for a walk is always a good time (especially when a movie only costs $5.50 a person).

So, do you have any favorite pastel moments from the weekend?


  1. How do you take pictures of both hands at the same time?

    1. Magic!...or more like embarrassing The Man by making him stand behind me and take the photos outside (like in public!!)


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