dream house {shell house}

This house has been in our computer's toolbar for over a year now, and I finally thought it was time to share it with you. I know it's been popping up all over the over the interwebs over the past few years but it's just so beautiful you're going to have look at it again.

This is called the Shell House . . .
Designed by Kotaro Ide of ARTechnic Architects and fabricated out of reinforced concrete, this home is located in the woods of Karuizawa.  Karuizawa is a town in the Kitasaku District of Nagano, Japan, and a common summer get away for residents of Tokyo.
Built in 2008 the Shell House is used as a vacation home, and as such was designed with minimal maintenance in mind.  Most vacation homes in the area are wood villas that easily decay, this is why Ide chose reinforced concrete. From reading about the mechanical system, ventilation system, and the ideas behind the shape of the structure you can tell that a ton of thought and research went into building the home.  Everything was taken into consideration, including what happens to the house while you're away. Like the automatic antifreeze system that will kick in when the temperature outside drops below freezing, and the dehumidifying and ventilation systems that run year round.  All of which are energy efficient, and make it so there is less to fix or worry about when you come for your vacation, so you can just sit and relax in your beautiful secluded space.
I cannot get over how gorgeous and unusual this house is.  How incredible would it be to drive up the rocky path and know you get to stay here for the weekend?!
Floating fireplace? Yes please!

The Shell House = A Dream House

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  1. This is my dream house.This house is beautiful.It feels like in the natural.


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