date night in the suburbs

Saturday night The Man and I had a suburban date night.  Around 5pm, when The Man was finished at the shop, we drove out to Schaumburg to buy some frames at IKEA.  We got there and realized that, without knowing it, I dressed to match the swedish super store.
(cobalt blue and bright-ass yellow, oh yeah!)

We bought some IKEA swedish meatballs, but were too hungry to wait until we got home to eat, so we stopped at Portillo's.  Chicago dogs, onion rings, and sodas so large they'd get your arrested in NYC.  Portillo's is a chain restaurant in Chicago, they've got burgers, hot dogs, Italian beef, bacon burgers, chilli dogs, and fries fries fries. You can tell it's a midwestern kind of place from the menu alone.  When deciding what to eat I looked the menu up and down and noticed this:
Yeah, it's the kind of place that doesn't understand vegetarianism... and it's delicious.

Home improvement and hot dogs, that's my kind of date!!

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