chicago bucket list {italian beef}

I completed something from my Chicago Bucket List!
This past Sunday I ate my very first Italian Beef sandwich, and it was. . .
I had Italian Beef with sweet peppers and garlic fries.  I liked it, but considering all the options at restaurants that serve Italian Beef I probably won't get it again.  It was a bit boring, and I was eying The Man's gyro the whole time.  We went to Grecian Kitchen up in Skokie, everything on their menu looked delish! I wanted my first Italian Beef sandwich to be a classic one, with no funny business, but if I ever had it again I would definitely go with the Italian Combo, which is italian beef and italian sausage on french bread, yum.

So, what about you? Do you wholeheartedly disagree? Have you even tried one before? I'd say give it a chance, but leave room for a gyro!

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  1. OMG - That's a big sandwich for a little girl - looks boring - bleh
    Well... you asked


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