love day {cards}

 Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Remember Elementary School when you would get ton's of Valentines?  You'd pick a box of Valentines Day Cards, most likely themed from your favorite tv show, and make your Valentines Day mail box in class and hand out a card to everyone (unless you were one of those mean kids who only gave cards to the "cool" classmates).  It was so much fun to dump all your Valentines on the floor and read through them while eating all those chocolates and lollipops.  I miss handing out a bunch of cards, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Last year I made 3 cards, and it felt really good, so this year I sent out even more!

A few weeks ago I found blogger Oh Joy's video series called "Make Someone Happy."  So far there are 5 videos and they are all super cute, with ideas like surprise balloon bouquets, and love notes hidden in cupcakes (which I totally want to do!).  The one that really caught my eye was No.5 A Little Letter.  It's like a mad-libs love note, and they give you a link to the blank note here. So I printed a bunch of copies and wrote to some of the people I love the most!

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