weekend winnings

Winning something, no matter how big or how small, feels so very good!

This past Friday The Man and I went out to one of our favorite neighborhood haunts.  Four Moon Tavern is delicious and low key, they have a great beer selection and some of the best hot wings I've ever had, and Friday was their 14 year bar-i-versary.  The second we walked in we were handed a raffle ticket, and one round of drinks later I was the first winner of raffle round #2.

My winnings?:
The most hilarious Old Milwaukee sleeping bag, with a tall boy on the outside and bottles on the inside.  It was completely ridiculous and I was beaming from ear to ear.

A while later we finally got a table in the back, ordered some food and more drinks and we were handed another round of tickets.  We weren't in the main room but when I started to hear some hoopin' and hollerin' I grabbed our tables' tickets and the tickets off a table that had just left (I grab them as they walked out, and I think one of the guys thought I was trying to steal their tip), and ran into the main room.  Holding a bouquet of blue ticket stubs I waited in anticipation, checking all nine numbers each time a prize was announced.  The very last prize was a $100.00 gift certificate to the bar, they called the numbers, I checked each ticket and YES! I got the winning ticket, one of the tickets I picked up off the table who bailed just too early.  $100.00 dollars worth of hot wings and beer!!! Best Night Ever!!!

p.s. that night I also made my new wing record: 14 Wings! Yum!

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