Ok, I know I said before that I wish I had gone to Portland a different weekend, but if I went later I would have missed out on something really great.  That something great. . .  TYPHOON!

Back in 2005 I went to see a few friends of mine play a show at the Clinton Street Theater.  Their band name then was Family Tree, we were all just out of high school and it was my first winter break back from the Windy City.  They opened for a band named Typhoon.  Both bands were really great, it was an awesome show!! (In one of the songs Typhoon played they used a huge chain as an instrument!)

Fast-forward to just a few months ago when my dad called me up to chat a bit while we're both bored at work.  Over the weekend he and my mom had found a fun shop called Tender Loving Empire where they bought a few CD's from local bands.  My dad couldn't stop talking about this band with tons of instruments and great music, he was so excited because just a few days after they bought the album, the band was on David Letterman! I hadn't watched Letterman since I still lived at home, but this "ton's of instruments" thing sounded familiar, I took a wild shot and asked if they were called Typhoon. "No, no, that doesn't sound right, I let you know when I get home, I don't remember their name, but I don't think that's it."  Oh, well, I thought, I guess it was a long shot.  Two days later my dad called, "Hey, it is Typhoon!"  We didn't have many plans for my mini vacation so when I saw that they were playing while I was going to be in Portland, I snatched up some tickets.  It was really fun to take my parents to a show of a band they had found completely by chance.

On Saturday night just a few hours after I got in, my parents and I went to Mississippi Studios to see TYPHOON for their early show (6pm).  It was crowded and standing room only, my parents started to get a little worried, but once the music started none of it mattered. TYPHOON was incredible.  My face hurt for the rest of the night because I couldn't stop smiling during the show.  It was one of those shows where everything else around you kind of blurs and the only thing you see and hear is the band.  Kinda like in a movie where a guy sees some hot chick for the first time.

(I uploaded the video my dad took to youtube.)

At the end of the show my dad turned to me and said "I think I have a new favorite band." It was such a wonderful experience to share with my parents.  And I'd go again in a heart beat! If you ever have the chance to see them live you need to go.

I hope they play a show in Chicago soon!!

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