dream house {the desert house}

 Oh Man! The weekend is already over! It took me all of Saturday to recuperate from the work week, and my apartment is nice and all, but it would have been great to spend the weekend in a private Nevada desert dream home.  Just crawl into the spring-fed deck-tub and take in the view.
This secluded home in Nye County, Nevada was featured in the New York Times back in August.  It's surroundings are so beautiful I just couldn't get it out of my mind, so I decided to make it my next dream home post.
I'm mean, come on! Look how beautiful that sky is!

The house belongs to a family from Italy and was designed by a German architect living in San Francisco. From start to finish the architect and client's only contact was through e-mail.  They never met or spoke to each other until the project was completed, and the family only came once to visit during construction. 
You've got to have a lot of faith to relinquish that much control over your home! And they should be glad they did, because the outcome is beautiful, clean, and serene.
 I love the small window in the shower, it frames the picture perfect landscape right outside, and the green tiles are a nice touch of color in the mostly white interior.
The floor to ceiling corner window and skylight above the bed lets in beautiful light in the day and provides a great view of the stars at night.
Although the desert would probably be too hot for me, I can't help but daydream about this house.
Especially when I read the last quote in the New York Times article:

                      “I had the sensation of being on a spaceship. This winter, we had a really 
                      strong wind one night — the house was almost shaking. And there were 
                      millions, billions of stars from everywhere, you were completely surrounded
                      by the stars down to the horizon, which in the cities or countryside you 
                      are not. Normally you see the stars above you, not around you. 
                      Yes, it was like a spaceship.”

The Desert House = A Dream House

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