love day 2016

It's been a week since The Man and I celebrated Valentines Day with a fancy dinner and a heart shaped card (the dinner was his present to me, the card was my present to him….yeah he got gypped).

We dined at our favorite spot in Portland, Old Salt Market.  It's a delicious butcher turned restaurant with great starters and amazing steaks.  We've gone many times since moving here and it's always been stellar, but last week we sat down and asked for the specials (i.e. the steaks) and our waitresses response was "we're out."  I looked and The Man and saw his heart sink, we tried some other entrees, (which have been great in the past) but it just wasn't our night.
I have always wanted to do these simple heart nails but I never had the nail shape to pull it off (it just doesn't work with square nails).  So I was pretty excited this year when Valentines Day rolled around and my nails were as pointy as ever!
Besides the fact that they are cute and classy they are also insanely easy to do.  You don't even need tiny paint brushes or any fancy supplies, just the brush from the bottle of red polish you're using!

P.S.  Look at how cute my engagement ring is with my nails!!!!!

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