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The end of February is upon us! I can't believe that we're already heading into the third month of 2015.
Since we only have a few hours left of this bitter cold month of romance I wanted to show you the valentines I sent out a few weeks back.  I have been sending valentine's to friends of mine for the past 3 years and it's so much fun!  It's so nice to have an excuse to send a little something special to all the people you love.  

Last year I made these awesome garlands, which I don't think I can ever top, so this year I decided to make some heart cookies to send out to everyone.  Of course (as usual) I started way to late and got way too ambitious, so no one got their treats until after the 14th, but it's the thought that counts, right?
I also got these old valentines cards from this store Foursided, they have really cute cards and random little gifts.
This was my first time using royal icing, and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be to make them look like those perfect store bought cookies.
We finally ate the last of the left over cookies the other day, so I think it's time to try again right?? Who's up for some Spring themed cookies!!?

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  1. ME, ME!!! OOOOOOOO ME ME!!! (Just imagine my hand raised so high it pulls my arm out of it's socket.)


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