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This past week the blog-world has been filled with resolutions, fresh starts, and a can-do attitude.
I've never been one for making resolutions, they're too easy to break.  People always choose too huge of a task, and for some reason the word resolution feels like it comes with a deadline, as if all your statements need to be finished and wrapped up nice and neat by the end of the year.  There's too much room for disappointment.

But for the past week I've been doing some reflecting.  After reading at least 20 resolution posts from all those can-doers, I've been inspired to make a little list of my own.  I still won't use the word resolution, but I think "goals" has a good ring to it.  It's more of a desire to achieve something greater, as opposed to a commitment to finish some self-improvement by December 31st.
(I know these are arbitrary definitions I just created, but it's my blog, so go with it).

So, here's my list, some are pretty cliche, but that's ok with me:
  • Drink more smoothies - This summer I started to drink a smoothie for breakfast almost everyday, it felt so great! I started loosing weight, and the eczema on the back of my neck went away for the first time in 10 years. Then the winter hit, and I just can't seem to wake up in time (that, and drinking ice when it's -17 outside doesn't sound appealing most days).
  • Get the studio organized and usable - The second bedroom in our apartment is supposed to be a creative space, but instead it's been the hodgepodge/storage room for the past year and a half.
  • Post one drawing a week - I started "doodle day" a while back and I really want to get back into it. It doesn't have to be fancy, or finished, or even good for that matter, just as long as I'm being a little creative once a week, and creating more material for this blog.
  • Work on one project a month - Speaking about being creative, I have so many projects and ideas I've wanted to start for years now. I need to stop waiting and making up excuses (like the messy studio) and just go for it.
  • Plan an exercise routine with The Man... and stick to it - Here's the cliche.  The Man has been talking about doing P90X together for some time now, and I've been fighting it, (because the idea of working out everyday for an hour sounds like living-hell to me) but after spending Christmas in Hawaii and seeing too many pictures of ourselves in bathingsuits -mid winter- I think it's time to go for it.
  • Create photo albums of the last 4 years - This is something I've been wanting to do for years.  I love how easy it is to take digital photos, but there's something about flipping through the pictures of a photo album that scrolling through iPhoto can not duplicate.  As a kid my favorite thing to do was to sit and look through the albums my mom had put together (mostly to find pictures of myself), and now that we have a real computer that can handle me uploading all our pictures since 2009 I'm going to do it.
So, there you have it.  Maybe I'll be able to stick to these, and maybe I won't, but just telling you about them will give me the push to start at least a few.

Happy New Year,
Keep warm and safe,

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  1. That last one is a doozy! You will love it when you are old and gray to look back on your first years together in Chitown. Get started now and don't forget the commentary.
    Love P


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