mani monday

Happy Monday!

Has anyone finished their holiday shopping?
On Sunday morning The Man and I realized this past weekend was the last chance we had to go out shopping for Christmas presents, so we went to … The Mall … in the Suburbs! AHHHHHHHH!

It was one of those exhausting shopping days where you get back home to look at your loot and you find that somehow after all those hours and all those stores you've barely managed to cross a single loved one off your list.

So we came home and took a break from thinking of the wants and needs of our family and friends, and I spent the remainder of the evening painting some Christmas Plaid on my nails.

Next Monday The Man and I will be in Hawaii visiting his family for the Holidays, and although I can't complain, I will be seriously missing my Mom and Dad and all our wonderful traditions.
Have a great week everyone!

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