kalie's bride kit

It's been almost a month since Kalie's wedding, and, unfortunately, with all it's craziness I was unable to take any photos, so there's not much to show you until her photographer sends over the real-deal photos.  But in the mean time I can show you Kalie's Bride Kit.

A year ago when my friend Maria got married I found this cute idea and ran with it.  So when my best friend in the whole wide world got married I knew I had to make one for her too.
Kalie's wedding "colors" were navy blue, burlap, and white lace, so I decided to paint the box Navy and for the writing I used a white paint pen.

Just like before I used the ol' graphite transfer method to get an outline of the design and lettering on the top of the box (otherwise it would look like a gift from a child...my handwriting is terrible!).
This time I decided not to wrap all the items in the kit individually.  I think it's more fun to open the box and be instantly presented with all your little gifts. I attached the "descriptions" with navy blue washi tape and a ribbon for the bobby pins, and lined the box with white tissue paper so everything didn't roll around when the box was closed (and going through airport security).

So here is what was inside Kalie's Bride Kit:

"Emergency Bun Repair" - Bobby Pins
"For Minty-Fresh Smooches" - Mini Box of Altoids
"To Calm Your Wedding Day Jitters" - A Tiny Bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon
"To Dry Your Tears...Or Mine...Or Your Moms" - Polka Dot Tissues
"To Get You In The Mood" - Green M&M's
"No Babies!" - Trojan Condoms
"For the Morning After" - Advil

It was so much fun to put together, and the best part is that you can make it unique to any bride you know.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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