checkin' out the neighborhood {white attic}

We've been living in our new apartment for about six weeks now.  We're learning it creeks and squeaks, and loving every bit of it.  But I must say, my favorite part of our new place is it's spiffy location.

Our apartment is in Lincoln Square, close to Andersonville, and right across the street from a beautiful park with huge willow trees and baseball diamonds. There are so many shops and restaurants, cute corners and sweet spots to sit and relax, and slowly but surely we're checking out every nook and cranny.  So the other week we set out to Andersonville to check out some fun shops.

I wanted to go to Clark St. in Andersonville because I had heard of this place called Scout, and, as it turns out, Scout is perfectly sandwiched by two other great shops!

The first one we stopped in was The White Attic:
 The White Attic finds vintage furniture from the early 1900's and mid-century and refinishes it in fresh contemporary colors and stains.  Every piece in this store was gorgeous, and I wanted to take all of it home.
 This dresser/credenza was The Morning Man's fav.
 There were so many great pieces but my favorite part of the store had to be the lamp bar.
 They had 16 or more base styles to choose from and from there you "build" your lamp.  They have various glaze options for the base and fabric options for the shade, so you can put together your perfect lamp.  The prices range from $245-325, which is a bit much for me right now, but I'm saving up, because these are beautiful!!

After we were done drooling over everything at White Attic, we walked one door down to Scout:
  . . .
And I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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