oregon trail nails

Sorry for the month long hiatus but The Man and I have moved to Protland, OR!!!

It's been a along time coming but after 10 years (11 for The Man) it was finally time to leave the Windy City for a rainy one.  We are extremely excited and equally terrified of what this new adventure has in store for us.

What with packing, going away/birthday parties, job searches, a 10 day road trip, and moving into a new apartment there has been no time for blogging, but on the trip I did manage to paint my nails in a very trip appropriate theme…
Oregon Trail nails!

Do you remember the 90's computer game Oregon Trail?  You got in your covered wagon and tried to make it across the country to Oregon while shooting buffalo and watching your travel partners die of dysentery along the way.  It was great!
My left hand was painted with the imagery that would always be at the top of the screen.  A simple digital image of your wagon and the river you would eventually try (and fail) to ford.
My right hand is my favorite! Lining each side would be little buttons that would represent things like money, guide, eating, etc. The ones I painted are sleep, hunting and navigation.

These were so fun to paint, I used to love this game and would always play it in Elementary School.

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