neon and negative

It's almost the weekend again!
This week I did some triangle negative space nails with bright colors!

These were fun and simple, which was a great change from last week (that duck was complicated!).
For Christmas The Man got me some awesome supplies to start taking better nail photos.  He gave me an iPhone tripod, an olloclip (a 4-in-1 clip-on lens for an iPhone) and a HiSY, which is a little button that connects to your phone through bluetooth so you can take photos without ever touching your phone, a wireless camera remote!

All these techy additions are so cool and so so helpful, but one thing we learned this week is that you cannot take a good picture without good lighting.  So my next purchase will be some daytime light bulbs, hopefully the geniuses of the world have been able to make fake natural light really look like real natural light.

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