happy belated holidays!

And we're back!

The Man and I got back home yesterday from visiting my family in Portland.  I meant to post many things over Christmas, like my nails, and our holiday decorations, but when you're having fun with family and friends it's hard to break away and stare at a computer screen for a few hours.
This Christmas I painted a pink tree (because I've always wanted one, but The Man would never approve) and some festive ornaments on my nails.
And of course, the second we got on the plane and I was no longer near my nail supplies they started to chip like crazy.  Sometimes they'll last a little over a week, but this time they were gone before we opened our stockings on Christmas morning.
We had a wonderful time in Portland, we tried to see all our friends, but as usual the days went too quickly and we missed a few.  But on our last day we did manage to take our favorite drive up the Columbia River Gorge.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday week 

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  1. We too had a fabulous holiday mainly cause of you two!!!


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