farewell summer mani

It was nice while it lasted, but come Monday it's officially fall (or winter if you're in Chicago, because Spring and Fall do not exist here).

Though I never got the chance to swimsuit up this summer, I'm still going to miss the possibility of running around outside in socially acceptable underwear.  So to honor these last few official days of summer I went with a swimming pool theme.

Round one went like this:
I loved the pool textured background (it's a really simple technique using plastic wrap). But the floaties, inner-tubes and noodles needed a little something extra...
So I outlined all the pool toys in black. It looks so much better don't you think? All the floaties are in neon so they don't come out very well in pictures.  Just imagine the orange orangier, the yellow yellowier, and the pool blues contrastier.
Farewell Summer, you were unpredictable as always.  Thanks for the sunburns and ice cream trucks and the horrid music festivals that cover our city in bare bellied tweens. You will be missed.

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